Regardless of whether you are a developer, a technical architect, a project manager or a CIO, SonarQube has the cutting-edge features you need to maximize quality and manage risk for your software portfolio.

Continuous Inspection
  • Dashboards that report on metrics
  • Rule-Based defect identification
  • Drilldowns, hotspots and other hunting services
  • Comparison with various versions of software
  • Quickly identify addition of new technical debt
  • Integrated with Eclipse
Technical Debt Evaluation
  • SQALE methodology to evaluate technical debt
  • Key metrics, including the SQALE Rating and the SQALE Remediation Cost
  • Unique visualizations enabling users to get break downs of the technical debt by severity, by ISO characteristics, by maturity, and more
Actionable Reporting
  • Detailed reporting of complexity, compliance and coverage metrics
  • Trend analysis tools to monitor quality evolution and milestones
  • Actionable, role-specific insights
Rule-Based Defect Identification
  • More than 100 rules, and growing fast
  • Mechanism to track issues raised against coding rules
  • Configurable Quality Profiles to create rulesets that provide the right level of analysis depending on the type of project and the quality objectives
Multidimensional Analysis
  • Avoid Duplicated Code
  • Keep Code Complexity Low
  • Enforce Coding Standards
  • Eradicate Bugs
Centralized Portfolio Management
  • Centralized dashboard to manage hundreds of projects
  • Real-time insight and project health metrics
  • Enterprise-wide project filters and dependency views
Recent Quality Issues Monitoring
  • Define baselines for an application such as floating periods, fixed dates or fixed versions
  • Monitor new issues raised against coding rules
Code Coverage
  • Execute unit testing
  • Overview unit testing covered code
  • Ensure new code does not break existing functionalities