Discover how to use objectscriptQuality and get deeper into your analysis through our articles

There are many cases in which you would like to be sure your code is ready to be used for different dabase versions. For example, before upgrade to a new version, you want to check if you are using deprecated functions. Or maybe you are doing new developments and want to test backwards compatibility.

Follow those simple instructions to get your code analyzed for free if it is published on Github!

In this article we will show main principles to allow run an analysis on your objectscriptQuality server each time you push any change to your Github repository. For simplicity, we will configure open source repositories.

Error management on InterSystems languages has been evolving along time. This article will show the different implementations and why you should use the TRY/THROW/CATCH mechanism.

A Quality Profile is a set of rules you want to use to analyze one or more projects. And you can have as many Quality Profiles as you need to assign to your projects on the way you need, accordingly to your own quality definition. In this article you will learn to configure your custom Quality Profiles.

A quality gate is a set of conditions that indicates if the project analyzed is "good enough for you or not" to be delivered to the next stage in your software life cycle. In this article you will learn to configure your custom Quality Gates.

In this article, we will have a quick overview of what static code analysis is and why it is beneficial to use it in general, and with regards to ObjectScript in particular. We will introduce objectscriptQuality, and how to use it in what is currently the main development environment for ObjectScript developers, that is Studio.