1. Install SonarLint on Atelier

1.1 Open Eclipse Marketplace on Atelier from Help > Install New Software...

1.2 Click on Add... button and setup the location

1.3 Next select the previously added repository on Work With, which will show you two options; you must select SonarLint for Eclipse option.

1.4 Click on Next button and accept license on following windows.

1.5 After installation is done, Atelier will require to restart

2. Your first analysis

2.1 On Atelier, right click on a .cls file and, in the contextual menu, select SonarLint > Analyze

2.2 On SonarLint Report tab you will get the analysis results

3. Rules configuration

3.1 On Atelier select WindowsPreferences

3.2 On left menu, select SonarLint > Rules Configuration

3.3 Enable or disable the desired rules and click on Apply and Close button when done