Supress analyzer rules

1. Exclude from Problems tab

1.1 The easiest way to exclude a rule is to do it from the Problems tab. At the time you see an issue given to a rule that you don't want to use, you can open the contextual menu over the issue to deactivate the related rule.

2. Manage exclusion from SonarLint Rules tab

2.1 Open the SonarLint Rules tab on the Browser panel

2.2 Select the rule you want to modify and click on the icon at the right to disable () or enable () the rule

3. Manage exclusion from the configuration

3.1 On VSCode select File > Preferences > Settings

3.2 Check instructions and click on Edit in settings.json at the Sonarlint > Rules section

3.3 Define the rules you want to enable ("on") or disable ("off") using the rule Id that you can find on each rule detail on Rules