Following we have gathered the most common parameters used in analysis.


Parameter Description Example of usage
sonar.projectKey The project's unique key. Allowed characters are: letters, numbers, -, _, . and :, with at least one non-digit. -Dsonar.projectKey="$JOB_NAME" 
sonar.projectName Name of the project that will be displayed on the web interface. -Dsonar.projectName="$JOB_NAME"
sonar.sources Comma-separated paths to directories containing main source files.
Read from build system for Maven, Gradle, MSBuild projects. Defaults to project base directory when neither sonar.sources sonar.tests is provided.
sonar.projectVersion The project version. After you change this parameter, the "New Code" tab will show difference between previous version and current one. -Dsonar.projectVersion=1.0
sonar.coverageReportPaths Path to export the coverage report -Dsonar.coverageReportPaths=
sonar.objectscript.codeVersion Version of the IRIS or Caché database for which the code is intended. -Dsonar.objectscript.codeVersion=2020.4
-x Enables debug information. -x


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