Update Jenkins

This update applies only if you need to install a new version of Jenkins, but does not affect to Jenkins plugins. In case you want to update plugins, it can be done from the Jenkins UI, on Manage Jenkins > Manage Plugins.

1. Remove current deployment

1.1 Stop Tomcat service

$ sudo service tomcat8 stop

1.2 Rename current Jenkins war

$ sudo mv /opt/jenkins/tomcat-webapps/ROOT.war /opt/jenkins/tomcat-webapps/jenkins.war.OLD

1.3 Remove the current deployment

$ rm -r /opt/jenkins/tomcat-webapps/ROOT

2. Install latest Jenkins war

2.1 Download the latest stable version of Jenkins via wget command to /opt/tomcat-webapps-jenkins folder

$ sudo wget http://mirrors.jenkins-ci.org/war-stable/latest/jenkins.war -O /opt/jenkins/tomcat-webapps/ROOT.war

2.2 Set proper owner

$ sudo chown -R tomcat8:tomcat8 /opt/jenkins

3. Start the service

3.1 Start the Apache Tomcat service

$ sudo service tomcat8 start