Update objectscriptQuality plugin

1. Stop sonar service

$ service sonar stop

2. Disable current plugin by renaming or removing it

$ cd /opt/sonarqube/sonar/extensions/plugins/
$ sudo mv objectscriptquality-plugin-3.0.0.jar objectscriptquality-plugin-3.0.0.jar.DISABLED

3. Download latest plugin

$ sudo wget --content-disposition https://www.objectscriptquality.com/downloads/objectscriptquality/latest -P /opt/sonarqube/sonar/extensions/plugins
$ sudo chown sonar:sonar /opt/sonarqube/sonar/extensions/plugins/*

4. Clean cache path

$ sudo rm /opt/sonarqube/sonar-home/cache/*
The path to clean is the one you defined for the property objectscriptQuality.license.cache on file conf/sonar.properties

5. Start sonar service

$ service sonar start