objectscriptQuality 1.1.3

SonarQube compatibility


Java compatibility

Oracle JDK 8

What's new

Relationship oneProp As classA [ Cardinality = one, Inverse = manyProp, InitialExpression = initialexpression ];


  • Allow a postcondition in Job command
  • Allow a postcondition in Throw command
  • Minimal macrodefinition arguments count set to zero
  • Accept a counter reference property as argument for KILL command
    k ..Context.Data
  • Accept a local variable as argument for ZKILL command
  • Accept Language=cache in a Trigger definition
    Trigger Tr1 [ Event = INSERT, Language=cache ]
  • Accept row/object in a Foreach Trigger definition
    Trigger Tr2 [ Event = INSERT, Foreach = row/object ]
  • Allow spaces around expression in &html
  • Indirection with direct self property
  • Add field at hash reference class
  • Allow self pointer grammar in $ZOBJ* functions